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Effective Social Media Solutions

We ensure that your fans and followers remember your brand and intereact with you on social media. We guarantee likes/followers per month in all our plans. We identify your target audience on social media and connect with them to promote your services and products.

Targeted Customers via SEO and Business Blogging

A person who runs a search for a product on Google generally wants to buy it. We position you on the first page to ensure you are visible to him. We ensure that within 6 months your Google visits increase by 100%+ and overall visits increase by 400%+.

Save time with Executive Assistants

On an average, we, as business owners spend 40 minutes per day answering sales queries and customer support emails. Why waste your time on boring customer support emails when we can do it for you for just 15c per minute ($9/- per hour)?


  • ALL
  • B2C focused sites
  • VISUAL focused sites
  • B2B focused sites



Be it followers and sales via Twitter or getting on Page 1 of Google and getting thousands of visits or saving time using our Executive Assistants, we understand your goals and objectives and align our strategy accordingly to ensure that your goals are met and exceeded.


All our activity is measured in terms of meeting your objectives. So if say your objectives are getting leads, we dont just write engaging content and connect with followers, we understand and identify your target audience and connect with them. Our benchmarks are as per your objectives.


We are so confident that we will provide value to you that we guarantee you likes and followers on social media, guarantee increase in Google visits and overall website visits on SEO and content marketing and Guarantee hours of your time saved by our Executive Assistant services.

Our Success Stories

From 2,000 to 12,000+ likes on Facebook

From 1,000 to 32,000+ likes on Facebook

From 0 to 3,000+ followers on Twitter

From 0 to 7,000+ followers on Twitter

Page 1 of Google

Page 1 of Google

Our Clients

  • It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and if you will allow me a compliment, you are the most polite and kind individual that I have ever corresponded with via e-mail.

    Dan Doyle, President

    Crab Shacks Inc, U.S.A

  • We used the SEO service of Taurus Knight for the WTM 2011 promotion in London and have had very positive results.

    Sarah Parker, CEO

    WingzMedia Travel Promotion & Representation, U.K.

  • Taurus Knight helped us get over 200,000 views from Facebook for the Self Drive Canada program launched for Canada Tourism.

    Nikita R., Account Manager

    TMIC- Canada Tourism, Canada

  • Taurus Knight does all our routine work like email replies, sending invoices, invoice reminders, lead follow-ups which helps me focus on my main work and has save dme almost 4 hours per day

    Rose, Owner.

    Transcription Services Experts.


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